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Monday April 21, 2008 11:54 pm

Video: Stuck in an elevator for 40 hours

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Videos

Just had to share this…could you imagine being stuck in an elevator for 40 hours - almost two days? I can’t imagine all the lost productivity, let alone not being able to use the bathroom for that length of time. At least this guy got some sleep though!



That would be just horrible. Two days..

Andru, for some insane reason I appear as unregistered when I come here. If I login it appears as if I’m already logged in. Is this deliberate or a bug?
Anyways… 1999 Lol. Poor guy. But wasn’t there this maintenance worker?

I nearly fell off my chair when the guy climbed up, it took me by surprise. And did the elevator just suddenly get stuck in front of a WALL?!?!

Lol at the ending of the person putting a sign there. It’s a happy ending XD

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