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Monday May 9, 2005 2:01 pm

What’s Up With Grapples? (Or, My Grapple Review)

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Call me gullible, but I thought these things were some sort of genetically mutated apple-grape hybrid. A couple of friends said they were really good, tasting like a mixture of a grape and an apple. Sounded interesting enough. At my local Safeway, these things come in a plastic package of four which costs $5.00. Five bucks for four apples?? Oh, wait…these were Grapples. They were special, and why not spend the $5 to give it a try? So I tried them. The result? They taste like apples. I tried my hardest to find a hint of grape - it just wasn’t there. I looked at the packaging, and that is where I found that Grapples were not a hybrid at all. Instead, they are basically Fuji apples soaked in grape flavoring! I then went to the website, and found this:

So simply put, how do Grāpple™ brand apples get their flavor? Fuji apples are dipped into a combination of pure water and Concord grape flavoring for a short time. They are then moved into cold storage for few days while the flavor takes hold. After which they are packed and shipped out to grocery stores.

So I could have spent half the money, and made my own Grapples? Oh well. My opinion? Just buy apples and wash them down with grape juice.

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where do you get fuji apples where you live?

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