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Wednesday May 17, 2006 7:03 pm
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Right on Andru.  I’ve so far seen little to Engadget’s and its parent company’s credit these last few weeks.

What’s their issue, coming late to what they thought was an exclusive interview?  Peter Moore isn’t exactly just another Microsoft head.  If you get an interview with Peter Moore, you be on time, ya hear?

It boggles the mind how people who claim to be open and enjoy networking with fellow bloggers think it’s an acceptable tactic to undermine a competitior or rival’s interview simply because they happen to appear in it.

Add to the fact that they were 5 minutes late, obviously disappointed and upset that it wasn’t an exclusive (http://www.valleywag.com/tech/ryan-block/engadgets-ryan-block-this-isnt-an-exclusive-174258.php) and just all around grumpy and it starts to look a bit suspicious.

Dear Engadget:
Just because you were present, doesn’t mean you get to be the only ones who can publish coverage. It also doesn’t mean you get to hijack other organizations (who were right on time) and their coverage at your whim.

I can just see you guys bouncing on camera with any interview Game Spot or CNN runs and then sending off a blitz of cease and desist letters to each of them crying that you didn’t give your consent. *That’s* classy, Jason. Brilliant, even. Next time, they’ll make sure to mosaic you and your “this isn’t exclusive?” aw shucks right out of the frame.

**From the weblog of Jason Calacnis**


Dealing with Dummies, For Dummies***

As you can imagine I’ve gotten a lot of legal letters over the past 10 years, but this one might take the cake.

It turns out the dummies at Wiley don’t want bloggers using “For Dummies” in their blog post titles—and they are searching the blogosphere looking for folks putting that in the title! One of our blogs, TVSquad, used “For Dummies” in a title recently and I had the email exchange below. Now, there is a long standing tradition of publications using slogans and trademarks in headlines (think of all the “Empire Stikes Back” headlines about Microsoft in tech magazines). That is *not* a trademark violation and it does *not* require trademark attribution—it’s a news headline. You are allowed to use a slogan or trademark from Coca-Cola or Pepsi in a headline as well. I hate these chilling effects bozos… get a clue dudes!

What next?!?!? Perhaps we should monitor chat rooms, message boards, and Skype conversations for people using “For Dummies,” and when they do we can force them to use the “FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.


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