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Monday January 30, 2006 11:39 pm

EV-DO On MacBook Pro Soon

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Business

So, earlier today Scoble said he wasn’t buying a MacBook Pro because it doesn’t support the current PMCIA EV-DO cards. We have actually heard from Verizon sources who said they are hoping to have an ExpressCard version of an EV-DO card available in time for - or close to - the time that Apple starts shipping the MacBooks. We are still a couple of weeks away from that, and in the meantime, I don’t mind tethering my phone to the MacBook over USB or Bluetooth. ExpressCard is the “wave of the future” as far as notebook expandable card slots go. I actually look forward to seeing the ExpressCard EV-DO cards ship.

One other thing about Robert’s post - it isn’t only Apple that is shipping laptops without the PMCIA. This is actually related to the Intel Core Duo chip. Even Dell is shipping notebook PCs with an ExpressCard instead of the PMCIA slot.

Now, to solve all of this confusion, where are the USB EV-DO devices??

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