On Gear Live: iOS 10 will be released on September 14th

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I’m happy with this remote! Seriously, I heart .


Check out this fantastic video, made by the Society for Geek Advancement. A bunch of my friends are featured in it, which makes it doubly awesome. I agree, whole-heartedly, with the message set forth!

I hit up yesterday’s Social Media Club meetup (co-hosted by SEOMoz), and talked with a bunch of interesting people who had a lot of questions for me. Of course, my friend Kenji Onozawa happened to be on hand, and busted out his so that he could shoot a quick interview. We talk about the Seattle tech scene, Gear Live, and Seattle Mind Camp in this video.

I appeared on KING 5 News here in Seattle to talk about the on story that we broke on Gear Live. The segment can be seen above.

Peter Svensson over at the Associated Press did a story recently on people who physically moved their place of residence, solely for the purposes of faster or better broadband. He interviewed me for the piece as well, focusing on my move out of Seattle to just north of Seattle so that I could get Verizon . As I said in the article, I never looked back. I now rock out at 50/20 speeds, where before with I was stuck with 8/0.768. Comcast recently upped their speeds to 16/2 in our area, which still doesn’t even compare with the 50/20 I’m enjoying. Hit the link below for the full piece.

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Well, look what we have here. The local Seattle newpaper, the Post-Intelligencer, has named me as their Geek of the Week in the Seattle Tech Report. They asked me a few questions, seemingly to measure my geek cred, and I had to admit that I wasn’t into either Star Trek or Star Wars, which I thought would have immediately removed me from consideration. Hit the link below to check it out.

By the way, speaking of Seattle and geeks, be sure to check out Seattle Mind Camp - it happens next month, and is going to be an amazing time. If you are a geek (about anything), make sure to be there!

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