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Two-Headed Baby Born In Philippines

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In an extremely rare instance, a baby girl born at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in the Philippines Tuesday night has two heads, CBS News reports. Named “Baby Girl Arciaga,” the infant has two spines, two brains and two hearts, encased in one cavity, but she shares everything else, including lungs and kidneys, according to the CBS report.


Alijah Breaks It Down At The Pirillo Wedding

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This is just too cute. cuts a rug on the dance floor at Chris and Ponzi Pirillo’s wedding after much coaxing. He shakes his groove thang so well that he is even approach by Lila, daughter of our friends David and Cathia Geller. What you don’t see is him running away when he realizes she is asking to dance with him. Bonus points go out to Jesse and Brenda, the two dancing fools you see in the video with Alijah.

Alijah Loves The Balloon Bathroom

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We had a birthday party for myself and my friend Jesse. Aside from having all our friends dress us up like robots (as in, the ugliest robots ever,) we filled the bathroom with balloons so that the first person who had to go would likely wet themselves from the shock. During the filling of the bathroom, my son Alijah was having a good time in there. Take a look.

So Alijah Thinks He Can Dance

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Alijah loves shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight, he showed us that he thought that he could dance! Check out these smooth moves…


What Alijah Found In Monica’s Purse…

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Alijah Finds A Tampon

Of course, the first thing he pulls out of Mommy’s purse is a tampon, which he unwrapped in record time and began playing with. Maybe he thought it was a rocket.

Alijah Loves His Baby iPod

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As can be seen here in the video above, not only is Alijah now walking around with great vigor, but he enjoys playing with the toy iPod that Chris Pirillo and Ponzi got him for Christmas. Thanks guys!

Alijah Feeds Himself

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This is cute - Alijah has been learning to feed himself, as you can see in the video above. Here, he is eating oatmeal, and stops to give himself a round of applause, or perform some other actions to show how proud he is of himself.

Alijah Gets Dedicated

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Today we had Alijah’s dedication. If you dont know what that is, we basically made a public display acknowledging that he is a gift from the Lord. The dedication is just as it sounds, we are dedicating our son to God. We recognize that without God, Alijah probably would not be here today. It was through the prayers of hundreds of people across the world that he pulled through it all.

So we talked about parenting, and gave our reasons for the dedication in front of our congregation. We asked if anyone wanted to come up while the dedication prayer was being done, and we had about 20 people join us. We then had the prayer, and it was done. This is not to be confused with a baptism, or christening. We will not make those kinds of choices for him…but hopefully we will raise him so that he chooses that path on his own.

He is now up to 10 and 1/2 pounds. He is doing a great job at catching up to where he should be! He is such a cute little guy.