On Gear Live: Apple adds to iPad Pro line with new 9.7-inch model, 256GB options

Video: Stuck in an elevator for 40 hours

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Just had to share this…could you imagine being stuck in an elevator for 40 hours - almost two days? I can’t imagine all the lost productivity, let alone not being able to use the bathroom for that length of time. At least this guy got some sleep though!


Chris Aarons’ fake Sofrito birthday

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Chris Aarons Sofrito

Believe me - I know the image in this post is of horrible quality, but what do you expect when the lights at Sofrito in NYC dim for a birthday celebration? Above you see my friend, Chris Aarons, enjoying the delightful serenading of the Sofrito waitstaff, accompanying a bowl of ice cream with a candle in it. Oh, except, it wasn’t his birthday at all.

I was actually eating dinner at another table with my family, and it just so happened that Chris was sitting near us at his own table, alongside his partner-in-crime, Geoff, as well as Sal from Geeks.com and Michael from Hardware Geeks. I figured I’d send him something to remember me by, so I told a waiter that I knew for a fact that it was that man’s birthday today. The rest is history.

Oh, and Chris got screwed with the ice cream. The lady at the next table got a tres leches cake. That’s what I expect on my birthday…

Alijah’s New Haircut!

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Alijah with Hair

So, in the image above, you see how Alijah looked when my wife Monica left to do a little shopping. When she gets back, he will look very different. Check the new image after the break. Leave your comments…

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Alijah Loves The Balloon Bathroom

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We had a birthday party for myself and my friend Jesse. Aside from having all our friends dress us up like robots (as in, the ugliest robots ever,) we filled the bathroom with balloons so that the first person who had to go would likely wet themselves from the shock. During the filling of the bathroom, my son Alijah was having a good time in there. Take a look.

Video: I Went Butt Scootering!

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A few months ago, we were sitting around the house, bored, when my friend Jesse suggested that we go across the street to the field and do some sort of stop-motion video. We didn’t really have a plan, but he, Tommy, and I went out there, and what transpired was about 45 minutes of Butt Scootering. Check the video above to see what I mean.