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Geek of the Week?

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Well, look what we have here. The local Seattle newpaper, the Post-Intelligencer, has named me as their Geek of the Week in the Seattle Tech Report. They asked me a few questions, seemingly to measure my geek cred, and I had to admit that I wasn’t into either Star Trek or Star Wars, which I thought would have immediately removed me from consideration. Hit the link below to check it out.

By the way, speaking of Seattle and geeks, be sure to check out Seattle Mind Camp - it happens next month, and is going to be an amazing time. If you are a geek (about anything), make sure to be there!

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Heather Flanagan Interviews Todd Bishop

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Here in Seattle, we have two major newspapers - The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Todd Bishop writes about technology issues for the Seattle PI, and I’ve run into him a couple of times at a few technology conferences, and he also came to the first Seattle Mind Camp event that we put on. Heather Flanagan I met at the second Mind Camp event, and found her to be hilarious. We still look forward to working with her very soon on a project or two. In the meantime, I came across this video interview that Heather did with Todd, and figured I’d share it, mostly because my name was mentioned at the start of the interview, which caught me off guard! Either way, this is an interesting look at how people in the traditional media industry see how things are progressing now that we have so many independent people doing news on the web.

Grapes on a Plane Video Montage

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So, a couple of months ago I was one of the speakers at the 2006 Blog Business Summit in Seattle, WA. As a thank you to some of the speakers and better performing affiliates, Steve Broback and company flew us over to Washington’s wine country, courtesy of a couple of jets from Greenpoint Technologies. As always, we had our cameras in tow, and put together the montage video that you see above.

I’m Speaking At The Blog Business Summit (Or Halley Suitt Makes Me Blush)

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So, I will be speaking into two or three sessions at the Blog Business Summit here in Seattle. The event takes place on October 25-27th, and should be a good time networking and sharing philosophies on this space. Over on their speaker page, they have the hot profile for me:

Andru EdwardsAndru Edwards is the CEO of Gear Live Media, a weblog publishing company which contains some of the most popular technology and pop culture blogs on the Web, including it’s flagship blog, Gear Live. Through his passion for both writing and the subject matter, Andru took his blogs from a part-time hobby to a full-time successful company. Andru and his blogs have been quoted in USA Today, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, KOMO 4 News, Q13 News, KING5, and NPR, among others.

The company has also jumped into the podcasting and videocasting space, most recently with their technology show, The Bleeding Edge, and upcoming movie review show, FilmCrunch (site launch soon.)

Gear Live Media is also the host of the biannual Seattle Mind Camp event - a self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab which brings together the areas most creative, passionate, and smartest people.

Of course, Halley Suitt gave me way too much credit in her post where she breaks down what she knows about each speaker:

Andru Edwards—Andru is just too hot. He was seated next to me at this amazing surf and turf dinner we had at Microsoft Search Champ Camp ... did he know how much he was turning me on ... with his brilliant mind I mean, don’t get the wrong idea. I think he was digging the turf.

Kind words - much appreciated, Halley.

If you want to hit up this event, you can sign up here and use coupon code AESM06 to save $100 off of registration.

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Mariners - 7, Orioles - 1: Alijah Has A Great Time

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I am cursing myself because I forgot the digital camera. We took Alijah to his first baseball game yesterday, and he seemed to have the time of his life, despite rarely even looking down at the action. He was just so thrilled to be a part of the excitement of the crowd cheering, clapping, starting the wave, etc. The music and atmosphere totally got to him. He was laughing, clapping, dancing…without even knowing why. He was also wanting to hold up a miniature Mariners poster. It was so cute, and would have been great to capture digitally. We will have to take him back.