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Alijah’s Trip to the ER (Or, What is a Febrile Seizure?)

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On Friday afternoon, Monica and I got the scare of our lives. It all started when our son Alijah walked into my office after Monica asked me to check and see if he was warm. I felt his head, and let her know that he did, in fact, feel hot. Nothing abnormal about a three-year-old child having a fever. We would give him some Childrens Tylenol and things would be back to normal as usual we figured. A minute later, I am still in my office answering an email, and I hear a very loud “THUD.” I thought something huge fell from a high surface and I hear Alijah start crying, so I rushed into the living room to find Monica holding him. She said she walked into the room, where he was standing with one hand on the couch. She told him they were getting ready to leave, and he didn’t respond. It was as if he were looking through her instead of at her. Then he just fell straight backwards. The noise I heard was him hitting his head on the floor. That had to hurt. While Monica held him, I went upstairs to find the thermometer so that we could check his temperature - it was 101.7. High, but not horrible. The only oddity was that it came on so suddenly.

I then went to find him some Tylenol while Monica began to check on him. He wasn’t answering, but that isn’t completely abnormal for him, since when he gets hurt he tends to just want to be held, but left alone until he is ready to talk - but this was different. He wasn’t saying anything. He wasn’t looking at her. He was off in his own world. I came over and tried to talk to him, and his eyes didn’t even track towards my direction, which would be natural. He finally looked up, but not at me - instead he was staring at the top corner of the room, where the ceiling met the two walls. As Monica turned him back her direction, his head and eyes stayed fixed on that area of the room, and still, he was completely silent.

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Alijah’s New Haircut!

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Alijah with Hair

So, in the image above, you see how Alijah looked when my wife Monica left to do a little shopping. When she gets back, he will look very different. Check the new image after the break. Leave your comments…

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Alijah Breaks It Down At The Pirillo Wedding

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This is just too cute. cuts a rug on the dance floor at Chris and Ponzi Pirillo’s wedding after much coaxing. He shakes his groove thang so well that he is even approach by Lila, daughter of our friends David and Cathia Geller. What you don’t see is him running away when he realizes she is asking to dance with him. Bonus points go out to Jesse and Brenda, the two dancing fools you see in the video with Alijah.