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Can You Live On Blogging? | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Monday April 11, 2005 4:40 pm

Can You Live On Blogging?

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Here I sit at Mudd Bay Coffee sipping on a Thai Latte and hooked up to complimentary WiFi, at a crossroad. Running Gear Live has been an absolute pleasure over the past ten months or so, and each month it grows in readership as well as financial gain. In fact, it has grown so much that I now rely on the income from this site to support me and my family financially. No more working for someone else and following their orders, instead I make my own hours and do something that I absolutely love - all through the power of blogging. I have read so many articles on both sides of the fence of the blogging phenomenon. Some swear by it, and others aren’t as enthusiastic. Speaking from experience, though, I can tell you that if you put up quality content on a blog that promotes a community atmosphere, people will read it and participate. People love an honest approach, and for the most part that is what they get when they visit a blog.

That being the case, I am going to be involved in a couple of new and exciting ventures in the blogging world. First, we will be starting a blog totally dedicated to the world of gaming. We have been covering this area on Gear Live, but the video game industry is so vast that it deserves its own blog. We will be at E3 2005 to bring you all the latest from the showroom floor. Secondly, I will be a part of a site which will be completely devoted to online business ventures. You don’t really see too many sites dedicated to this area, but it is one of the most searched topics on sites like Google. After all, who wouldn’t want to work for themselves? If you have a passion for something, why not make money with it? At 24 years old, I am able to call my own shots, and it feels great. I will have more info on both of these new projects in the coming weeks.



any updates on this story? I know that playfeed has launched and it’s great already! I have a feeling it will feature some great content this next month with E3 and all. Great timing on launching a new site 😊.

But I am very curious about the site “devoted to online business ventures”. Any new info on that?

Thanks and keep up the great work,



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