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Google Updates AdSense, Plus Adsense Logging Software | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Wednesday April 13, 2005 8:34 am

Google Updates AdSense, Plus Adsense Logging Software

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A big thank you to Chris for introducing me to AdSenseLog. I love Google AdSense, and I try to check up on my stats at least a few times a day. AdSenseLog is software that does this for you, along with so much more. You can get information on just about anything related to your AdSense account - including nicely compiled comparisons, charts, graphs, etc. all by using this wonderful piece of software. What I like most about it is the advanced channel comparison data that it offers. You can give it a download and try it out yourself for 30 days. After that, it will cost $50 for a license unless you have a coupon.

Speaking of AdSense, Google just gave us a few more reasons to love the product. One thing I didn’t like was having to wait two days before I could see my channel data - they have fixed this. Now channel data is updated constantly, right alongside aggregate data. Very nice to be able to see trends related to changes made in specific channels right away. There are a few other improvements as well, but they do not affect me nearly as much.



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