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More Comcast Woes - How is EV-DO in Seattle? | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Wednesday April 13, 2005 12:32 pm

More Comcast Woes - How is EV-DO in Seattle?

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You know, I love broadband - that’s a given. However, I think I hate when broadband doesn’t work more than I love it when it does. How frustrating is it not being able to work because Comcast can’t seem to get their stuff together? They have had two DNS outages that were virtually nationwide twice over the past four days. This is inexcusable. Luckily, I heard that I could simply change the DNS setting in my router to and everything was up and running again. If you are on Comcast, I suggest you do the same.

On another note - I have been intrigued by EV-DO after reading about it from people who I respect. Checking Verizon’s coverage page, it seems that Seattle hasn’t yet been given the EV-DO treatment - but I hear that it does work out here. Anyone in Seattle have an EV-DO device? I would love to tether the Audiovox VX6600 to my PowerBook on the go.



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