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Nice Day Today, and Martha Goes To Jail | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Wednesday March 10, 2004 1:53 am

Nice Day Today, and Martha Goes To Jail

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Alijah, Personal,

It was a really nice day today, about 65 degrees! Too bad it will be back down in the high 40’s tomorrow. 

We are going to see The Passion of The Christ on Wednesday, and we invited about 18 people to come with us. It should be a good time.

Alijah is very close to coming home, as he is now working on what could be his last step towards being released - breastfeeding. Monica’s supply isnt what she would like it to be, and Alijah gets tired before he is full. It shouldnt be long though. The word right now is that he MAY need to come home on oxygen.

And Martha Stewart has been found guilty on all counts…whether she really did it or not, I see this as a victory for the little guy. Sorry Big Business (and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia), but I think this is a major step in controlling all the corporate CEO’s who think they are untouchable.



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