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Putting Ads in RSS? | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Friday April 15, 2005 5:28 pm

Putting Ads in RSS?

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RSS is taking over - in fact, chances are you are probably reading this in some sort of RSS reader. I love RSS. The ability to download content from all your favorite sites, and view it an a format that is as simple as email is such a joy. On the flipside, if your readers are exclusively accessing your content via syndication, then you are losing out on ad dollars. I have started seeing different sites inserting ads into their feeds. Some seem to be totally against this, saying the whole reason they subscribe to RSS feed is so they can avoid the ads altogether. Others are open to it if they aren’t overly intrusive. Gear Live is getting to the point where there is a large percentage of readers accessing the content through RSS. I was thinking of a way we could incorporate ads into the RSS feed. Any thoughts and/or opinions on this? Also, how would you go about putting ads into the new posts themselves (as opposed to creating ads that are their own posts entirely) without “breaking” the feed? Drop me a line at andru (at), or let me know in the comments.



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