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Friday February 20, 2004 2:03 am

Reality Begins To Set In

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Alijah, Personal,

Valentines Day

So with each day that passes, it becomes more and more real that we actually have a baby that is our own. Having a new child that you only see 4 times out of the week for a few hours creates an odd perception. It almost feels like you are just visiting someone elses child. You arent in charge - they are.

As Alijah continues to grow and heal and develop, the feeling starts to grow slowly that he really is mine, and will be here - with us at home - soon. It’s hard to feel like his father, even though I am. Very strange.

I am starting to slowly realize, though, that in six months or so I will probably be here posting a message titled “My Son Loves Cheerios More Than He Loves Me” and complaining about that!

Anyways…it is also slowly starting to sink in that we need to make all the “baby-proofing” modifications to our apartment soon! I am sure that if I got down on my hands and knees and took a look around from an infants perpective, I will find many many things that look interesting (and expensive) that I can destroy for the fun of it! 

Any tips? Please do leave a comment or drop me an email.

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. Our’s was simple, and sweet. Monica gave me a beautiful collage of 3 pictures of Alijah and I, and 2 pages of a poetic letter detailing our entire relationship from day one. I was very touched. She came home to what you see above.



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