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The Passion of the Christ | The Andru Edwards Weblog

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Saturday March 13, 2004 1:48 am

The Passion of the Christ

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Personal,

So we went and saw this movie with a bunch of friends. Basically, our church purchased all the tickets in a 500 seat theatre. All the tickets were free, and it was the church members mission to give them out to friends. Church members were free to attend the showing as well, but only if they came with people that did not attend our church. This was an outreach to the community.

Monica and I requested 20 tickets, and were able to give away 16 of them, and used 2 for ourselves. It is an understatement to say that everyone in the theatre was touched in a very unique way.

First of all, the movie is very image focused. It is not the dialogue (which is in Aramaic, with subtitles usually) that makes the film. It lets the picture tell the story. Every actor in the movie “became” who they were playing and it was transparent to the viewer.

Many people talk about the excessive violence of the film, which is warranted, but it isnt uneccessary violence a la The Matrix. This is a reenactment of a horrible situation that Jesus had to endure. Many say it can be looked at as anti-semetic. To that, I say look closer. Yes, there were Jews calling for the crucifixion of Jesus. It was mainly the Pharisees. However, there were many more Jewish people (which the movie showed) that were on his side. Look at it this way - if I am in Mexico, and a group of Mexicans rob me, I am not going to blame the Mexican people. I will blame those who robbed me. Same things in this movie. It does not blame the Jews in any way.

The movie was so simple, but there was so much there…almost like watching The Prince of Egypt. A lot of subtle touches made a big differences. I would recommend that everyone see this movie, whether you are religious or not - Christian or not. It really shouldnt be missed.

Bring tissues. Monica cried in this movie way more than she did when she watched the Pokemon movie.



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